about us

Who we are

Talk Factory was started with the idea of being the one stop solution for all communication training needs. We understand the importance of communication and strongly believe that words have the power to change the world. Talk Factory strives to achieve this by imparting communication training to school student, teachers and professionals. With continuous research and development, Talk Factory has conjured a training program that is a blend of Public Speaking, Communication, Life Skills and Social Skills.

Currently, Talk Factory works along with educational institutions, corporates and standalone centres to impart the training. Our esteemed partnering institutions have witnessed nothing less than a miracle in transformation after our training.

What We Do

Talk Factory has developed the SAT (Synthesis of Archetypal Tripod) methodology to imbibe these skills as a part of day-to-day life. The program is constantly upgraded and customized to meet the changing needs of the students.


i. Class Arena: (At schools)

An automated every week process where students experiment and learn the nuances in their classes. Speakers Lab sessions are the democratic way of picking up the skills where the students decide and run the show. This program is welcomed by both schools and students alike.

ii. Stage Launcher: (at Centres)

Learning can happen anywhere and everywhere. A focused version of speakers’ lab that brings together students from different background to one place bonded by the passion to excel and become an orator.


i. Class Arena: (At offices)

Learn and earn in the same place. Our communication coach shall visit the premises of your organization at a convenient time of yours to conduct the training for a bunch of people.

ii. Stage Launcher: (at Centres)

Our centres are the places where you can find likeminded people who wants to improve their communication and step up their game. Become better without the fear of being judged or mocked.

Language is a tool to communicate. It is not communication itself. Forget the rules of grammar. Let us focus on getting our message right.